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Invokation of the Great Goddess [Sep. 13th, 2006|07:43 pm]
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[Current Location |London]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

"She is shadow
 She is light
 She that we
 Invoke this night"

Hail to She!

All names are yours,
All permutations marked
In gold filigree engravure
Upon the infinite curvature
Of your eyes

Mother of Heaven!

Time and Space are the playthings of your body

Daughter of the stars and night

We are born, we live, we die in the
Gentle caress of your soft fingers
The circumference of your body
The constancy of your love

We call She!
Whose radiant brow
Touching the skies
Is crowned with stars

Galaxies are glittering stardust
Bespangled and sparkling
Bright spirals
In the misty dew of your hair

Kindle the fires inside our hearts

Your abundant love
Overflows all Space
Exceeds all Time
Encompasses all life

And so
We revel in joyous delight
For in life and love
We are touched by you
We are part of you
We rejoice that we exist
Within your body and without

Coolness to our souls
Warmth to our hearts
Nurture to our beingness

We, who crave knowledge of you
Who would learn your secrets
Know your rites
Exalt in your worship
Hear our voices
Sing your praises

Is extended in myriad dimensions
Whose subtle essence is the matrix of the Universe

Hear our call

Who art all places, all spaces, all moments
Be aware of this place, this space, this moment, Now

Hear this prayer: Join with us
Enfold within yourself
Reach to touch
Now, in this most holy union

Fulfill the first promise,
That you would love us, always

And the second promise,
That you would be with us, always

And the third promise,
Ever secret and unknown
Except to we
Your forever-children,
We that
Worship you,
Love you,
Honor you

O Queen of secrets,
Mistress of things unknown
Reveal to us your mysteries
Impart to us your histories
Share with us your rituals
of Love, Beauty, Joy and Truth
Wherein we may come to
Know you
Hear the soft quicksilver of your voice
Be kissed in sweetness by your jasmine-petalled lips
Become soothed by the rose-fragrance of your caress

Who is Here,
Who is Now...

Copyright (C) 2001 lovepoet

f m
O n e t r i b e b e
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Queen of Mysteries [Sep. 11th, 2006|07:35 pm]
Hear the Ash and Elm, in Rowan's song:
Gray Ravens cross the sky from west to east
As Weeping Willow sadly mourns the Sun
And sorrow drains the heart of every beast
Behold, the constellation in full swing
Sets, sensuously in the darkling west
My ardor dies as each star seeks to sing
Endeavouring to sate desire best

And silent bides the constant spring of self
Unbidden, lofty Fae, Goblin and Elf
Are gathering beside me as I rest
Upon the Faerie circle of the blessed
And the Queen of Mysteries, tonight
Comes forth dressed only in the pale green light
Her beauty structured by a coppered heart
Such cheeks ridged gently with the finest art

Sweet royal splendor dances 'twixt the vines
Each sway bewitches as her smile demesnes

Behold, she dances raindrops in the dell
Glittering, begemmed and jewelled well
And I am thrummed by passes to a lull
My mind entranced, my wits numbed slow and dull
So when she asks me, "Would I steal one kiss?"
Thoughts rebel, my body whispers: "Yes"
"Shall I love her, each and every way?"
Lips that once were mine speak fervent: "Aye!"

And so I entered Fae, the land of wiles
Life's traceries forgot, as my Queen smiles
Her eyes the sky of azure, cloudless climes
Her touch, music beset with stellar chimes
And hair, her cornsilk weaves within my heart
So lost, the earthly realm I set apart
For I shall live forever with the Fae
As all my mortal limits wash away

(C) 2003 lovepoet (Marc Power)

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Onetribe Show 013 13th Sep 2006 - In Search of Space [Sep. 11th, 2006|02:33 am]
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[mood |Cosmic]

Along with the other programming at ResonanceFM this week, we turn an eye to the skies. Marc Power and Dirk Bruere trespass boldly where no-one has gone before and explore the outer reaches as they discuss ancient hermetic philosophy, general relativity, quantum mechanics & string theory on this weeks voyage into the great unknown - In search of Space. Listen as they iconoclastically destroy a great hermetic axiom in the process - if you only listen to one radio show/podcast this week,listen to this show!



Listen to Onetribe the UK's Occult and Esoteric Radio Talkshow/Podcast,
Hosted by Marc Power & Dirk Bruere

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The Green Man [Sep. 8th, 2006|09:46 pm]
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[Current Location |In the forest]
[mood |Verdant]

I am he, the God of trees,
I held you in my loving arms
when you were still a child,

You hugged the hard trunk of my body,
Made your nest in my strong branches,
Explored my tangled ways,
Understood my foliate mysteries,
Swung wild from elegant bough,
Hid beneath my leaves,
Kissed my green face,

I am he, the God of trees,
I held you in my loving arms
when you were still a child,

I was your joy,
your secret place
Above the world,
I was your joy
and you, were mine

You felt the slow pulse of my sap
long branches dancing slow in sunset wind
we were innocent lovers then
my rippled bark against your olive skin

I am he, the God of trees,
I held you in my loving arms
when you were still a child

Once my hands rested,
in the grasp of a brother,
and he could reach, to touch another,
thus the whole land, did we cover,
this land, the next and every other,
was green with our laughter

That was long, so long ago,
now, brothers I have none,
wind still whistles through the leaves
yet, the silence has begun

I am he, the God of trees,
I held you in my loving arms
when you were still a child

I am Herne and Lugh and Pan,
Robin, Cernunnos, the Green Man.
Maple, Chestnut, Lime and Elm,
I am Lord of the the forest realm,

Cedar, Silver Birch and Willow,
Rich Pine needles are your pillow
I am Oak and Ash and Thorn,
beneath my branch all things are born

I am he, the God of trees,
I held you in my loving arms
when you were still a child

I remain the God of trees
I embrace you now, in loving arms
Rich and verdant, playful, wild
My beloved, you have always been,
and you are still, my child

Copyright (C) 2001 lovepoet (Marc Power)

Listen to Onetribe the UK's Occult and Esoteric Radio Talkshow/Podcast,
Hosted by Marc Power & Dirk Bruere
MySpace blog here.
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Onetribe Show 013 - In Search of Space [Sep. 8th, 2006|01:24 am]
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[Current Location |London]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |Hawkwind & Amon Duul II]

As a part of ResonanceFM's Spaceweek, Onetribe are delighted to announce that our next show will be Show 013 - In Search of Space. You will hear Dirk and I discuss Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Dark Rings on the coffee table. Make certain that you tune in, turn on and drop your favourite intoxicant on Wednesday 13th September at the Witching hour for Cosmic mysteries and grand astronomical discussion of the secret, the forbidden and the celestial.

Space. the final frontier.


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technorati stuff (humans ignore) try four [Sep. 5th, 2006|09:53 am]
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technorati stuff (humans ignore) try three [Sep. 5th, 2006|09:51 am]
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technorati stuff (humans ignore) try two [Sep. 5th, 2006|09:49 am]
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Blatant self-promotion [Sep. 5th, 2006|09:38 am]

Just trying to find out more about how Blogs work and promote in the process.

Excuse my naive fumblings (oh, I feel like I'm 14 years old again!)

Listen to the UK's Occult & Esoteric Radio Talkshow (with Podcast)
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